The Beginning

I don’t know how many times I’ve sat down and tried to write this first post.

It was daunting and overwhelming in an unexpected way.  I had pictured my first blog post as something that would come easy, something that would be expressive and big and bold.  Instead, it’s understated, easy, gentle.  Like writing to an old friend after years apart.

I’ve had the idea to start a blog floating around in my head for some time, but was never determined enough to follow through with anything.  One night, however, with 2015 (!) upon me, I realized there was no time like the present.  If I was going to do it, it had to be now.  This is one crazy season of life for me, and having a space to share and create and dream seems to be just what I need.  I’ve found that everyone has a voice, and it’s time I used mine to help myself and others realize the power of sharing that voice.

You’ll find out more about me in the sidebar and in my About Me section.  I hope to get to know all of you through the course of this journey, and can’t want to get started.  With that said, welcome to Splendor and Forge!  Please, stay awhile, and introduce yourself!

Image from Sarah Reid, under Creative Commons.

You made it this far, let’s stay in touch!

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8 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Matalyn Merkatoris says:

    Your blog looks lovely! Great set-up, and I would agree with you… I have thought about blogging and recently started one up. Let’s see where this goes, Good Luck! (and have fun)


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