Tuesday Ten

And we’re back!  After a brief break, here’s today’s round of links to get you through the week!

1 | Let Me Fix That For You: A Dramaturge Explains What’s Wrong With Patricia Arquette’s Speech AKA why we shouldn’t take every powerful statement at face value.

2 | Christina Aguilera does a Britney Spears impression and it is amazing.

3 | My last Oscars link (promise!) — Lady Gaga does the Sound of Music.  I will admit, proudly, that I’ve always been a fan of hers.  She’s done a lot to change the conversation about what pop music is, is not, and what makes a pop artist.  Yes, she’s an acquired taste and may not be for everyone, but she has talent hidden underneath all that crazy, and she showed it last week.

4 | Spring is coming (finally!) which means it’s time to start switching things up, especially makeup wise.  I loved this foundation post at The Beauty Department about putting foundation on with a fluffy brush and light hand.

5 | Have you tried oil pulling?  I’ll admit, I’m intrigued, but I just don’t know …

6 | Kale, peach, and almond salad.  Say no more, I’m all over that this summer.

7 | 10 Amazing Greek Islands Experiences.  Again, I don’t need to say much.  The pictures speak for themselves.

8 | I loved this article at Darling Magazine about appreciating our tiny triumphs.  A great timely reminder.

9 | For a good laugh — the most popular undies in your state.

10 | Last, but certainly not least, you are enough.

Image via Flickr under Creative Commons.

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