Tuesday Ten

Another week, another round of links!  Some motivational, others completely designed to waste as much time as you want. 1 | How to Motivate Yourself to Get Things Done.  Great advice from Whitney English, creator of the ultimate organizational tool, the Day Designer.

2 | I’m short (5’2″, thankyouverymuch).  And sometimes that’s hard, but most times, it means I get to be creative with my outfits in order to appear at least a little bit taller.  Natalie’s 10 Ways to Look Taller post is a great roundup of tips and tricks to give me that little boost I need sometimes.

3 | With spring right around the corner, and summer coming quickly after, I’m already thinking about getting in shape.  Nutrition Stripped has a great post on How To Beat Belly Bloat that’s a great way to get a head start on that flat tummy!

4 | I finally settled on a new planner for 2015 (wayyyy behind, I know)!  It was delivered this weekend and I’m in love.  It’s the liveWELL planner by inkWELL press.  I’m hoping to do a review of mine soon, so stay tuned!

5 | One blog I’ll always check in the morning?  The Photojournal at Spark magazine.  Beautiful photos, even more beautiful people.

6 | After getting my iPhone 6 in September, I have been all about wallpapers.  While I usually stick with the ones from Emily Ley, Lauren Conrad’s recent spring offerings have me tempted to change my current wallpaper sooner than I thought!

7 | I’m a major spring cleaner.  In fact, last week I donated 6 bags of clothes, shoes, and random housewares because it was just that time.  So I loved Free People’s 5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring as a reminder of what else I need to be doing around the house.

8 | The Walking Dead fans may appreciate this, or be disappointed.  I won’t see it as jumping the shark … yet.

9 | Since I’m planning a trip to LA in April/May, I’ve already got this post bookmarked — 23 Delicious Los Angeles Eats That Are Worth Every Penny.

10 | Last but not least – 37 Things That Instantly Put You In A Good Mood!

Image via Flickr under Creative Commons.

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